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New owner from NY


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Hello everyone.
New owner from NY. Just got my FJ09 which is my fourth bike. My last one was a Ninja 650 which I had to sell the other day. Last bike before that was a Yamaha Warrior 1670.
Anyway, so far I am loving the FJ. I got it due to the upright egos and the sporty ride. I would love to ride some distances but here in NY we have to dodge idiot drivers so needed something nimble. FJ is Definitely an upgrade in all regards from the Ninja.
So far I am having an issue with the fuel gauge always showing full. Kind of afraid I will run out of gas without warning but will learn to use the trip meter I guess. On my ninja the fuel gauge was also digital but worked flawlessly. Aside from that the bike runs great and is a hoot to ride.
I am thinking of getting a bigger windshield. Read this forum for a while and narrowed it down to a calsci medium screen or the parabellum. Will also get a tidy tail and a blaster integrated taillight then will start looking for a louder pipe.
Looking forward to being a member of the the FJ-09.org community.
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Regarding the fuel gauge, it's working as designed (which is a stupid design). For the first half of the tank (~100 miles) the gauge will stay full. After, it will drop to those smaller bars, each of which do about ~20 miles. You will be able to do about 160-180 miles before you hit reserve. Reserve is another 1 gallon, so you have another ~40 after. You can do ~200 miles before you should fill up.
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welcome Alex! What part of NY you from? I grew up on Long Island but I'm Brooklyn born. Some folks are probably thinking right now "explains a lot!"
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
2012 DL650 V Strom - sold
2007 FZ6 - sold
1986 FJ600 - sold
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