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Threadlocker (Loctite or equivalent), use/facts


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Loctite is anaerobic, which means "living without air". So the liquid will never dry until installed on threads and tightened up. Loctite 242 or Permatex 24200. Putting on the threadlocker and letting it sit prior to assembly will not be a problem unless dust is present or may contaminate the threadlocker. Use the blue Loctite 242 when you may need to remove the fastener in the future. Use red Loctite 271 when there is little to no chance the fastener will need to be removed (needs heat to loosen the red Loctite to remove which can be a pain). My personal experience is the blue Loctite will be adequate for most motorcycle needs. I have used it in high vibration and rotational areas with no failures. Blue or red threadlockers are put on the threads prior to assembly.
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Green threadlocker is a wicking type and can be applied after parts have been assemblied. Such as Loctite 290 or Permatex 29000. Note, these require heat to remove.
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