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Changing Sprockets?

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Thanks for the headsup on the Gearing Commander website, VERY useful!
And this bike just sh!ts HP and torque all thru the rev range, no reason to run it any higher than 4-6,000 RPM on a daily basis unless you're canyon carving with your m8s or running a drag race. And, the calculations show that you can actually achieve 100 MPH IN 3rd GEAR @ 10,400 RPM. How about that, break the ton and only shift twice - YOWZA!!
So, it looks to me that my next modification is to install a 17 tooth front sprocket. The ride will be less buzzy on the highway and I'll probably gain 2-3 mpg in fuel efficiency....w00t!! And *that*, my friends, is yet another reason that chain drive bikes are superior (in most cases) to shaft drive - ever tried altering the final drive ratio on a shaft driven bike? I didn't think so...
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NO reason to..... wha?????? Every time I get on the bike it will see 10k. And yes, 1 ton in thrid is possible, I think I was having to shift just before that though. Sadly I have not been able to get out and test the top end since last year.
I changed the sprockets on 2 of my last three bikes.Totally useful and needed, I can't see needing it on this bike unless your looking for more top end/ better gas mileage at highway speeds. Seems a shame to castrate this bull though!
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