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New FJ rider in SoCal


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Just wanted to introduce myself. I just got a brand new 2016 FJ-09 in Raven. I'm really loving the bike so far and have learned a lot from just a few days on the site.
It's been a few years since I've had a bike but this FJ is really sweet.
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Welcome! Where abouts you from? I'm from around San Diego and there many other members from the SoCal area.
2015 Heeled by the hands of Nel's @ 2WheelDynoworks
K-Tech forks and shock
lots of other expensive unimportant stuff.
The "Ex" 2003 FZ1
Ride more, worry less.
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Welcome!  I visited the OC in August.  My son was interning with a Biomed Tech firm in Irvine.  Really pretty there.
I couldn't get over the high speed lane splitting on the freeways..  filtering to the front at stop lights I can understand but splitting at 75 to 80!  Not me...  
Around here Bubba would open the door on his 4X4 to teach you a lesson bout cuttin line.
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Hi Roger,
I am in Laguna Niguel. Possibly we can meet up and ride sometime in the near future.
I still need to do my intro - I just joined the site a few days ago. I am not an FJ-09 owner - yet. I have cash and am currently on the prowl for a Grey '15 or Raven '16. The only catch is I am looking for a used one. I prefer to buy slightly used and hopefully find one that may even already have some upgrades.
Best Regards,
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