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High speed wobbling


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Hello all, newby from Holland.
bought my fj09 tracer à couplet weekstaten ago. Phanthastic bike, but the suspension is stopping the fun.
before the fj i had à couplet of yamaha tdm 900 ,s and upgraded the suspension with hyperpro progressieve springs, that made the bike much more ridable than with stock springs.
also have mounted hyperpro shocks on the fj now and had them proffessionally set up for my wishes and weight.  
 suffer high speed wobbling in the front end.   I am not satified with that.
do you have the same expierience and what solutions helped to fix thit annoying problem?
at legal speeds the bike Handles Well, but travelling on the highway the wind from other cars makes the bike nervous and wobbly in the front end. 
Thanks for the advice in advance!
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1. Check tyres, pressure and wear
2. Question the modifications - perhaps not set up as professionally as you hoped.
This topic is covered in other threads in this forum. There seems to be a consensus that the best way to prevent a high speed wobble is to get more weight over the front end. Adjust your fancy suspension to do this.
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