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Cyber Monday Flash Sale continued!

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With such great success of the Black Friday Weekend sale, we are extending the Sale one more day. Cyber Monday! We have extended the receiving date and added a few bikes to the list!
2WDW Cyber Monday! 10-30% off!
Attention riders! To show how thankful we are for our supporters and fan base, 2 Wheel DynoWorks is having a Cyber Monday Special!! Specific ECU flashes, listed below, are on special for $289.95, including 2-day return shipping to the continental US. That's right! Just $289.95 on all available flashes!! This includes your full custom built fuel maps, custom ignition maps, full custom throttle maps, full custom secondary throttle maps, removed restrictions, removal of speed limiter(where applicable), lower fan temperatures(when available), fuel cut removal, quickshifter activation (when available), and more! Treat yourself this holiday season, and make your bike ride the way YOU want it to! Eliminate the need for a Power Commander or other piggyback! FREE UPDATES APPLY!
The receiving date will be extended until after the New Year. Our biggest concern is Holiday shipping and a potential lost ECU. We figure the "NO SHIP DATE" to be from 12/21/15 - 01/03/16. It is OK to ship when you are ready. Payment will still need to be made by Monday 11/30/15 at Midnight to lock in the tune license discount.
ECU flash must be paid for by Midnight on Monday 11/30/15. Payment can be made with credit card over the phone, or through PayPal to 2wheeldynoworks@gmail.com. All orders must include contact information, return shipping address, year, make, & model of your bike, as well as a complete list of modifications. If you have any specific questions, please email us before shipping your ECU to make sure they are all answered properly. If you are local, FREE removal and installation of ECUs for flashing!
List of Applicable Flashes
-FJ09- to current
-FZ09- to current
-FZ07- to current
-R1 07- to current
-R6 06- to current
-XT1200 Super Tenere all
-FZ1 2006 to current
-FZ8 All
-ZX6r 05- to current
-ZX10R 04- to current
-ZX14R 06- to current
-GSXR600 06- to current
-GSXR750 06- to current
-GSXR1000 05- to current
-Hayabusa 02- to current
All ECU flashes are specific to your modifications and can be adjusted to customer request. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. We have hundreds of dyno, track and street proven tune files for nearly all modification! Turn around time is same day with free 2 day return shipping. Out of country ECUs apply to this offer but shipping charges apply.
From 2WDW,
Happy Thanksgiving
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Regarding the "No ship date", does that mean we can't ship it out to you during that time? Unfortunately that would be the most convenient time for me to ship, as my bike is my commuter and I'll have those days off. Please let me know whenever. I'll most likely put the order in tonight through Paypal as this is such a good deal! Excited.
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I'm in, just sent the funds, name & contact info.
Everyday's a good day when your able to ride
15 FJ-09 - 2WDW ECU flash, Givi SV201, Nelson Rigg tail bag, OES sliders, Koubalink extenders, Ermax Sport, Vista Cruise, OEM seat mod, (smiles)
07 Honda ST1300A (sold)
06 Kawi KLR650 - Big Gun full exhaust, Corbin, Givi, PMR racks, carb mod (keeper)
97 Honda VFR750 - Traxxion Dynamics, Penske, Givi 3 piece, carbon exhaust (keeper?)
20+ years of snowmobiles
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-We can not have it start with TC off. It will hopefully be an update in the future. It's a feature we've requested but have to wait on from flashtune.
-Yes, you can ship it whenever you want. Shipping companies typically have no guarantees during that time. We will be available to flash and return ship no problem, it's just the 2 day part we can't guarantee.
-Paypal as a gift saves us fees. We do not mind paying the fees. Paypal is a great service to have.
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