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Engine whine noise


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Hello all,
My bike started making a weird steady whining or whirring sound. I'm not talking about the nice whine it makes in 6 gear when u get on down the road. It does it in any gear or w clutch pulled in. It is steady and slows down as u slow down and stops when u come t a stop. It started after I let a friend borrow it to g t his house 35 miles away t get something f his bike. Not saying he did anything buf he did say he got up to 115mph. Irritated me because I never rawhide it or go that fast. But noticed my chain was loose n I didn't ride it f a day or so n then got guy a couple of doors up the street t tighten my chain since he had bikes, tools needed and has a torque wrench. I really noticed the noise when I left his house n road back t mine.
I put it on ctr stand n put it in gear and ran it n it didn't make t noise. But does when I ride it. Sounds like coming fr engine or transmission. If I lean over n forward sounds like it is below me under the tank. Makes no sense.
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