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To buy or not to buy?

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Welcome......Hard not to be biased, you are on "our" forum. Cam chain is noisy but I think it's more paranoia than a problem, I haven't heard of any bodies FJ self destructing. Clutch cable failures have happened but I believe odds are more in your favor it won't fail and they are cheap.
I have not ridden the V-Strom or Versys, I hear they are nice but I'm led to believe from those that have they are more mellow and not as "sporty" as the FJ. I came from riding an FZ-1 and find the FJ rather quick and agile, I'm happy with it.
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lots of other expensive unimportant stuff.
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Clutch cable: define premature. A handful have failed in under 5000 miles. A problem blown out of proportion on internet forums and peace of mind can be had for twenty quid, by sticking a spare under your seat. Just forego a Chinese takeaway and have a sandwich for one meal.
Cam chain: loads of other bikes have noisy cam chains. Few suffer terminal failures. The FZ09/MT09 uses the same engine and has been in production for 3 years. There are no engine reliability worries with the C3 engine.
The Tracer/FJ09 is so good in many areas that there would need to be a really serious problem that affects safety or reliability for me to lose confidence in the bike. Even if the problems you list were a feature of every bike sold, they are minor inconveniences rather than serious problems.
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