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Kouba Link vs Adventure Tech. Mirror Extenders


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Adventure tech is a supporter of this forum and I also believe that he will size his extenders to any length that you want, custom! Supporting vendors like Adventure Tech, as well as the premium members keep this place going so please try to shop with our supporting vendors when possible !
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now that Cruizin has hit the supporter mantra let me follow it up with this. I bought probably 90% of his available items for my V Strom. Quality workmanship, good materials and no problems to work with. I iwll be getting more stuff for the FJ down the road a bit. Trying ot convince him to make a bash plate :)
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I got the Kouba extenders back way before Adventure Tech came onboard. They work okay for me. They were even black when I first got them. Now, however, they've faded to a kind of a mottled light grey, with a little black stirred in for contrast. It must be the Arizona sun...
Whenever I ride, I keep meaning to take them off and spray them black again. But I never do it - I guess I don't really care enough to actually remember to do it once I'm off the bike.
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