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Euro Clear Signal Lense Covers in North America?

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Yes, they do have the running light capability.  Like I said, they are NOT plug and play.  Meaning that with a 12v power source I had to manually figure out which wires were the running lights and which ones were the turn signals. On the turn signal one is not as bright as the other.  On our FJ09's the front signals are a 3 wire turn signal while the rear is a 2 wire signal.  Obviously wiring in the rear LED's was simple with only 2 wires.  But wiring the front LED's with the 3 wire setup was kind of a pain because you need to figure out which wires were constant and which ones were activated by the turn signal, and then mirror that on the LED wiring harness.
BTW I also purchased a couple of Yamaha signal plug converters from these guys:
As well as an LED Flasher relay so you don't have the hyper flash once the lights have been converted over to LED's from them as well:
I hard wired the signal plug converters into the LED flashers so that I didn't have to cut up the FJ's wiring harness just to install LED turn signals.  It looks good and isn't just an LED bulb swap, which would of probably been easier to do but I personally like the look of the Clear lenses with the Amber LED's.  I hope that helps.  If I can answer any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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Just stumbled on this... NICE!!! I like.
I'd been looking for LEDs for a while, mainly for visibility and some farkling since I find it a little ugly that the running lights dont match the LED headlight.
And not too expensive either.
Thanks Piotrek! I got another project on the list for this winter.
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