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Android Dashboard App

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Whenever i ride I've been manually switching my phone over to "Car mode" that only shows a few large buttons and enables voice commands.  It's worked ok but I just recently tried out a new app that is miles better.  Its called AutoMate (link below as there are imposter apps).  As far as I know it's android only.  It allows me to have it automatically launch and play music when my src bluetooth turns on and then automatically stop and exit when my src turns off.  On top of that there are tons of other features.  One I kinda like, but can see myself turning off eventually, is the speed warnings.  It knows what road you're on and you can set an amount over the posted speed limit to have it remind you your speeding.  Helpful in Virginia as I can set it to warn me at 20mph over the limit.  20+ over is automatic reckless driving, a misdemeanor offense in Virginia, which is the same level of offense as DUI and automatic impounding of vehicle.
AutoMate - Car Dashboard
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