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Real gas tank capacity?

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Hi guys, wondering if anyone here knows the true fj tank capacity? I know the claimed/stated capacity is 4.8 gal. But is that the gas tanks capacity before the fuel pump and sending unit are put inside the tank? Because I would imagine the gas the tank could hold would be more around 4.4-4.5 gal if that were the case. Or is listed tank capacity what the tank holds after full assembly?
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see my post at the bottom of the 1st page - I ran the bike for 40 miles on reserve then got 17.99 litres of fuel into the claimed 18 litre tank. I did that blind, i.e. not looking at the pump gauge when filling.
18 litres is 4.75 US gallons
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Wow. If 18 liters = 4.75 gallons (and I'm not questioning that... I just don't know the conversion factor) then it sounds like 4.8 gallons is pretty spot on. I didn't realize the tanks in these bikes are so small! That's okay though; at 44 mpg you can still get over 160 miles to a tank.
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That tank size is one of the reasons I got a FJ instead of an FZ! The Fz was something like 3.5.
And your math is off, its over 200 miles at that MPG. I get below 40, because I'm a friggen hooligan, so Im lucky to see 180. Thats why I roll with a 1.75 gallon Rotopax! Nothing beats NOT pushing a bike :)
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