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Advice needed with Tomtom rider V5 (off topic I know)

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Hi all
Apologies for going a bit off topic but I am in need of some urgent advice.
I have just bought a Tomtom rider40 satnav with a view of loading a 3rd party speed camera database (PGPSW) which lists the cameras as POI and warns you when you are near. This works great on my car sat Nav (go135)
The database said it works fine with all rider models but it doesn't!on checking  the Tomtom site I can see that the method of loading POI changed with certain models (inc the rider 40) cross referencing back to the database I see that those models with the changed poi method are not supported. So I feel I am getting somewhere.
So I am pretty sure that the Rider v5 will allow you to install POI sets  but, more importantly, will allow you to  set a warning when close to said POI.
But is there anyone out there with a Rider V5 that can confirm this for me?
thanks in advance
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