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Welcome Tim! I bought my first bike in 06 at 34-35 ish. If I had bought earlier I might not have made that wise old age :)
Now I'm on my 5th bike. My wife fully supports my riding as she see's me leave the house shoulders slumped and beaten down from life. When I come back I have a smile on my face and kiss for her. She knows it's dangerous, but what value has a life not lived?
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
2012 DL650 V Strom - sold
2007 FZ6 - sold
1986 FJ600 - sold
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Welcome Tim.
Bought my furst bike nearly 9 years ago now and am on my 5th bike - which of course is the Tracer.
My husband also rides so I have his full support with my adventures.
Hope you enjoy.

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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Thanks for the welcomes. :) My wife's being pretty good about letting me get the bike... but getting her to ride it may be another story. She says she wants to now (while we don't have it) but somehow I think she'll back out when it comes right down to it...
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