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Handle Bar Lift?


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I'm trying to add some handle bar risers to the bike that move about 2" up and back. Pretty much a no go with the current wires/cables. I think I can work with the wiore but will need at least a new clutch cable and brake line. Probably throttle cables as well.
Anybody do this yet? Pointers, places to buy cables?
thanks for any help, saving my $200 risers may end up costing me $300 :)
Looks like black is only $130 now, but these were awesome on my V Strom:
they eat vibrations, and get the bars into a comfortable position. Had to do a little grinding but got them to mount fine.
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I am in the process myself. Rox risers on order (2")adjustable. 4" longer cable(custom order from motion pro). I will keep ya posted. I think by taking the brake line out of the bracket it should give enough slack. I'll let u know
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