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I couldn't help but notice.....

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As I was visually scanning these hallowed pages, I couldn't help but notice that the oval FJ-09.org emblem in the upper left corner of the page header is mostly done up in red with a smattering of white and a teeny tiny bit of black.  Mods, was this a subtle nod to the well-known fact that the red bikes are a bit faster and more capable than their dowdy gray brethren?
I'm just sayin'.....
2015 Yamaha FJ-09: RaceTech Gold Valves, RaceTech Rear Spring, Arrow Full Exhaust - black with w/Carbon Fibre endcap, ECU Flash, Lowered 20mm front, 15 mm rear, Denali driving lights, Fenda Extenda, Tail Tidy, Corbin Seat, Madstad 22" Windshield, OEM heated grips, Woodcraft frame sliders, Grip Puppies, BadAss Cover (Large)....
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I think it's more of a recognition that anyone riding a red motorcycle is more needy with a "look at me" attitude. The mods knew that those kind of people need constant affirmation.
Or maybe not. It's just a theory. ;)
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