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Leg room

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The bike seems a little small. Do any of you have longer legs (34-36 in), and if so, how comfortable is the ride. I sat on one in the showroom with the seat in the upper position and it still seemed a bit cramped. With a set of lowering pegs it might be OK.
I really like the overall set up of the FJ. I'm coming off of a Tiger 1050 with a blown engine that was comfortable with the pegs lowered an inch and a pad to raise the seat a bit. I would love to have the lighter weight and almost the same power with the FJ but old knees need room.
Any tall geriatric riders out there?
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I am 6'1" and 195 lbs (63 yrs old) with knees that have been abused over the years via many hard landings (skydiving 20+ yrs). I have the seat at it's highest setting and the seating position is comfortable for me. Because of weather all my rides have been 2 hrs or less and during that time there have no issues with my knees and I don't foresee any. On previous motorcycles I liked to stop every couple of hours anyway. The only machine that gave me trouble was my Yamaha FZ6R (traded a couple of years ago) and even then I was good as long as stopped and walked around for 15 minutes or so every couple of hours. For me the FJ-09 is a big improvement.
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