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Providence Canyon State Park Ride


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Beautiful weather in Georgia on Saturday. 
Wife (on her V-Star 950) and I on my FJ-09 rode about 270 miles through the western portion of the state.  We targeted Providence Canyon State Park as our destination. It is a beautiful little park and is sometimes called "the grand canyon of Georgia".  Located about 30 miles south of Columbus, GA. 
We enjoyed the 65 degree afternoon but felt underdressed when the sun went down. Last hour was about 50 degrees so we really felt that 70 mph wind chill. Don't know how you northerners ride. Guess we need to invest in real gear to be warm. 
Hope many others enjoyed the nice weekend. 
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Nice to see a fellow Georgian on the forum. I took a decent ride today but nowhere as exciting as that canyon. I will have to check that place out. I've been thinking about riding down to Pine Mountain with my dad and my neighbor once the weather warms up.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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