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Tracer is going

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Hi Guys.
             Well after 11 months my Tracer is being P/X for a new Africa Twin.
              Its been a great bike, and as i rode it home for the last time i felt sad.
              It was due its service and tyres, and i just happened to have a test ride on the AT. I was surprised how good it was,                very  smooth  beautifully balanced, and not slow at all, and great build quality.
              So I decided to p/x it.
              The Tracer was a little vibey though not a problem, a little skittish again not a problem for me, and engine was a bit rough
               sounding, though a service may have helped that.
               If I could afford it i would have kept it, had 5 new bikes in the last 7 yrs and the Tracer is the only one I would like to keep.
                So I wish you guys well, enjoy the bike.
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Time for a little off-road riding I see.
I personally like the sound of the FJ-09.  What do you mean by skittish? Not generally a word I hear associated with this bike..

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Enjoy your new Africa Twin. A tool for every job. I bought my FJ09 for what it is and I love it. For off road fun I have my Ural Gear-Up. I would like to test ride the A/T. But I won't part with the bikes I current have. Man I wish I had Jay Leno's garage...;-)
A Motorcyclist's Church is the open road....
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Have fun on the AT, seems to be a great bike, looking forward to a test ride myself when available.
I have ridden an AT - it wasn't tempting enough to make me want to ditch the Tracer. My comments are in the other bikes section.
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