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Just ordered FlashTune.....

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  • 2 weeks later...
Made a few last power pulls on the dyno after remapping with FlashTune. Baseline pull was 110.2hp/63.x tq (I wanted results from the same day as I find that despite the dyno's correction factor, the number can vary on the day). So far I have seen 113.6hp/65tq. To be clear, the main goal was not power increase. I was after smoother idle and cruise fueling, and to that end my bike now idles about 13.8-14.0:1 instead of 14.7-15.1:1 as before and cruising is quite similar. I disable the speed limiter as well, and made modest changes to the ride-by-wire tables. When the nice weather returns, I look forward to refined driveability. Overall, I could have sent out the ECU to get a flash, but I have access to a dyno at no cost, and it's in my nature to tinker (I tuned cars/bikes for 8+ yrs). On a side note, there have been sections of the engine braking and ETV (ride-by-wire) tables that can no longer be edited....I was told by tech support that they were being misused.
2015 Matte Grey
Modded stock exhaust, modded stock screen, modded stock seat, OEM heated grips, LED indicators, FlashTuned ECU, ZX10R shock
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