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Checking out the FJ-09


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I have to admit I probably won't buy an FJ-09 tomorrow.  :)  But I'm also looking towards whatever might be out there to replace my Honda NT700V someday.  (I'm the kind of guy who likes to plan things out.)  There aren't a lot of choices out there for a mid-sized bike you might use for commuting and then load up for a multi-day touring ride.
I'm planning to retire in late 2017 and then take a trip down the coast from Seattle to California the next summer to visit my youngest daughter at Stanford.  (She got Stanford to pay for her to get a PhD there!)  (Yes, I'm a proud Daddy.)  After visiting her, I was thinking of going back through Bryce and Zion National Parks, then up to Seattle and home again before heading north to Banff and Jasper and then up to Anchorage to see my brother.
The NT700V has a lot going for it...great protection from the elements, decent gas mileage in the mid-50s, 29 liters of storage in the built-in panniers, and no wind turbulence.  The FJ-09 appeals because of the lesser weight.  Another I've been looking at, is the BMW F800GT.  I think the FJ-09's suspension may actually work out better in absorbing all the pot holes on the roads though.
So, I plan on looking around a bit, asking questions, and who knows?  An FJ-09 might be in my future after all.
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I have to admit I probably won't buy an FJ-09 tomorrow........Another I've been looking at, is the BMW F800GT.   
Also take a good look at the F700GS. Same engine as the F800GT, 800cc's with just a bit less power. More street oriented and handles well. Its a twin so you won't get the power you do out of the CP3 triple in the FJ. But its a nice bike if you don't mind the $$$.   
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Hi @daboo, and welcome!
I have't actually ridden the NT700V, but I've taken the FJ on trips, and here is what I've found and what you might find...
First, yes, the FJ-09 is definitely capable of multi-day touring. I have hard luggage (SHAD side and top) and if anything, the ride gets smoother with a little weight in the side cases or even with a passenger. (That probably means that I need to adjust my pre-load when I'm riding without luggage...but I am pretty lazy...) Also, luggage and a little extra weight does nothing to diminish the agile and easy handling of the FJ, or the eager acceleration. Accelerating in top gear on the highway is great, but if you want to have some fun, you can drop it to 3rd (or even 2nd) and really rip.
Standard center stand is a boon when loading up.
I enjoy the generous leg room on the FJ. And you can raise the seat for even more if you like. Speaking of the seat, I love it--it works perfectly for me. Some folks complain that it's too hard; perhaps I have better personal padding.
Vibration is not too bad, and engine noise is nearly non-existent. But for me, the stock windshield was terrible--I did not even attempt a long highway trip until I had replaced it.
I've seen gas mileage around 50 mpg on a long trip. Diving into the throttle will bring that number down.
Standard ABS and traction control provide just the right amount of assist, without any rocket science. I've used both, and I'm glad they're both there. The traction control doubles as wheelie control, and while I would not have said that I needed it, it turns out to be quite useful on this bike, because of the great torque, the relatively upright seating position, and the enthusiastic riding that the FJ encourages!
Who knows what other options there will be in a couple of years? But I'm pretty sure I'll still be riding my FJ-09, happily.
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One of my first bikes when I got back into riding after a 25 year hiatus, was a Kymco 250cc scooter. It had enough umph that I could hit the freeway for my 9 mile commute to work. But I had been looking for what I'd replace it with for months. Just the usual dreaming. The Kymco did all I asked it for, and since it appeared like it would never break down...and I didn't think I could get it stolen...I really didn't have any concrete plans for replacing it.
Then after 11 months, my boss came to me and said I would be working on the other end of Seattle in two weeks. I was looking at a 70 mile roundtrip commute on the freeway each day. But luckily, I already knew what I'd want and I just went to the dealer that night after work and bought my next bike. There was no research to do, since I'd already been doing that.
So, I'm kinda in the same boat now. If I were to get into an accident...and still be able to ride, what would I replace the bike with. The FJ-09 is high on the list.
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