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seeking sonorous slip-on that 2WD can do a flash for

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I know there's a board for exhausts, but I thought I would ask here, because there are people here who have experienced a broader variety of exhausts...like the folks of 2WheelDynoworks for example, who have probably seen more exhausts than anyone! :-D
I am looking for a slip-on:
- with prettier sound than stock (like Triumph Street Triple), but not intrusively loud!; and
- which doesn't interfere with my centerstand or SHAD SH-36 side cases, or involve any filing of metal bits.
I don't particularly care about performance increases, but of course I would not turn them down. I will do an ECU flash after I get the exhaust, so I'd like an exhaust that 2WD is familiar with.
And again, I don't want something that will have grannies shaking fists at me, dogs barking at me, and cops running for their cars.
Does anything come immediately to mind?
I loved the sound of my Triumph Street Triple with stock exhaust. That is the thing I miss most about it--in most other respects, the FJ-09 is a better bike for me and my usage.
Thanks for any pointers.
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The Arrow that my bike came with is "sonorous" and certainly not loud enough to draw any unwanted attention unless you live in a 65+ community - "You kids, get off my lawn!!"
2015 Yamaha FJ-09: RaceTech Gold Valves, RaceTech Rear Spring, Arrow Full Exhaust - black with w/Carbon Fibre endcap, ECU Flash, Lowered 20mm front, 15 mm rear, Denali driving lights, Fenda Extenda, Tail Tidy, Corbin Seat, Madstad 22" Windshield, OEM heated grips, Woodcraft frame sliders, Grip Puppies, BadAss Cover (Large)....
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