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Motad Full System


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Hi everyone, although I did see one in the flesh at the London bike show which looked the part. I can't speak for the new Tracer system from a personal perspective (yet).
Although I had one of their end cans on my previous Super Tenere  and it was excellent fit and quality all round.
Very keen price from what I've seen around so far, goes to the top of my wish list when my new Tracer gets run in. 
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Looks and sounds bad-ass. Perhaps a little too loud though. I'd like to hear from someone who's seen/heard it too. I've never heard of this company before. Anyone know about build quality?
Motad is probably the best known aftermarket exhaust supplier in the UK. They have been around nearly 50 years. They have been supplying stainless steel replacements for bikes like the Honda VFR750 that are infamous for expensive exhaust rot. Often providing 4-1 solutions to replace 4-2, this saving weight.
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As per Wessie, they are better known for replacement of damaged/rotted original systems than as a performance/aesthetic upgrade. I think they have shrunk a bit due to the better build quality of OEM systems these days. I had a 4-1 on my CB750F back in about 1988!
Back in the day, I always liked Devil exhausts from France, but they sadly appear to be slightly moribund now, and have nothing for the MT series. I had a Devil on my old VFR750, sounded like an RC45!
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