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Seat Concepts install difficulty

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How difficult is it to install the Seat Concepts on the FJ seat?  I have never done one before but I do have a good pneumatic staple gun I can use.  From the looks of the seat it looks pretty easy.  Since I have the staple gun already I figure why spend the extra $20-$50 bucks to have an upholstery place do it.
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It's pretty easy with an air gun, as most people have issues trying to use a hand staple gun.
Be sure to heat the seat material up with a hair dryer or something similar and stretch the material out the way you want it to fit. I used clamps when installing mine on the FZ-09 and it seemed to help quite a bit to clamp one end of the seat sides while I stapled the other end.
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I think Seat Concepts has a video on either their site or YouTube that shows how they recommend installing the cover.  
I had a local upholstery guy do it, and he raped me for $75.  But I live out in the boonies, and he is the only choice around here.  I even had to have him go back over it because many of the staples were about 1/32" from the edge of the cover.  They never would have held. 
Probably should have bought an air stapler and done it myself.
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