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Been riding a 2015 FZ-07 the last year. I am a big guy and have been eyeing the FJ-09 for sometime. Got a great deal on a red 2015 FJ-09 last Friday and put 200 miles on it this weekend. My impressions:
The motor OMG, just in Std mode breakin it is smooth as silk.
Suspension - my FZ-07 had the suspension redone, Ohlins rear shock and this FJ-09 stock is .... well smoother by far in the twisties, bumps etc. Still breakin it in so have not leaned it all the way over but this is almost as nimble as the 07.
The seat - I have read everything about this bike at this forum before buying. Sorry, but the stock seat is not bad at all. Go ride an 07 then comment. Sure, I may upgrade later but no rush.
Upgrades ordered:
Axle sliders
Higdonion cage and skid plate
Parabellum shields
Rear rack to be ordered
Dang, work tomorrow ....... want to ride!
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My first bike was a 2007 fz6. I f'n loved that bike. And to be honest it whacked out long trips with more stbility than the FJ. Not as twitchable and definitely without the juice of the Fj but i was missing it on the long haul today!
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
2012 DL650 V Strom - sold
2007 FZ6 - sold
1986 FJ600 - sold
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