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Matris cartridge kit (F12Y124S) and Shock

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Seems I can't help myself where it comes to suspension offerings.
I've inked a deal with PJ's Parts (erstwhile US importer) to offer double digit discounts vs the website, and hopefully stem the flow of "Italian Imports" so as to put money in PJ's pocket instead of certain high volume outfits violating their reseller agreements.
The prices are close enough that I hope you'll support a US small business owner. All prices are delivered. Add 3% paypal fee.
Fork cartridge
F12Y124S - $760 as-is or $845 fixed
The product has excellent fit and finish (much better than Andreani) but there are quite a few reports of harsher than expected compression behavior regardless of bike - poor bump absorption. I can personally attest to the sister F15K's just ridiculous configuration. I don't know why but Matris botched the compression mid-valve configuration. Fixing it entails revalving the base valve and replacing the mid-valve piston with a higher-flow unit and redoing it's shim stack. If you absolutely insist on trying it in OE guise despite the warnings, do yourself a favor and run a *really* light oil in the 'Comp' leg. (Red Line ExtraLight/Blue, Golden Spectro Shock ultra-light 2.5w, Bel-Ray HVI Shock 3W) It'll help sure, but not as good as it could be.
MY117.1KD (FZ/FJ09) - $500
MY117.1KF (FZ/FJ09) - $800
The only catch to offering these prices is I have to purchase at least 5 items at a time. I've got an order in the offing so if you're interested, please let me know so I can alter the mix as needed.

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Is the price for the Fork cartridge an install price or DIY price?
And what are the differences in the shocks?

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fork cartridge is DIY price. They are literally drop-in. If you want me to do the install it's $100.
The KF is a remote-reservoir shock with separate comp and rebound adjustment (aka "double adjustable"). The KD is like the Ohlins and JRI 350 Pro, it has a single needle which predominantly regulates the rebound circuit.

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