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Powering LED lights from front turn signal wire harness.

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I want to connect some low power LED lights in the radiator frame area and figured the easier access to power might be the turn signal harness.
Have not taken it apart and was wondering if anyone had detailed pictures, instructions or recommendations as to how and where to connect to.
I was curious to see the harness and if it is easy to splice into and what wire gauge is used, and if any particular side provides easier access. Also what particular wires should be used for splicing into that only provide power when the bike is running.
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You could plug into the front turn signals's running light circuit. There's a connection under each tank side panel, near the top corners of the radiator. The turn signal connectors are these: http://www.cycleterminal.com/nt040-yamaha.html
if you get the appropriate connectors you could plug into the harness without cutting or tapping it, and be able to remove your additional lights as well.
This is in my lighting plan. Note I have not bought those terminals yet, so verify for yourself.
If they are low power it will probably be fine but if they draw too much the fuse will blow. Fitting LED turn signals would reduce the draw and leave more for your added lights.
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I added running light LED strips on the radiator that tapped the front turn signal wiring (thread here). However, instead of buying the OEM-fit connectors I just used positaps on the bike side of the connector.
I had each side off anyways, but if you are wanting to run wires over to only one side, then if memory serves me correctly I believe there's more room on the left side, as the right side has two fuse blocks taking up a bunch of room under the fairings.
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