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New FJ 09 owner, longtime rider


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Hello all,
What a great forum! Longtime rider...I started riding dirt bikes in the late 60's and quickly graduated to street bikes shortly after getting my drivers licence. I really haven't owned many street bikes though, mostly Dual sports, which I've always loved. My first real street bike was a CBR 600 F4I, which I really liked but I quickly realized that it was not a bike for any longer distance rides. So I sold that and got another Dual sport. When my husband and I met a few years ago neither of us had bikes but wanted to get back to it, so I had an idea...When we decided to get married I thought instead of one very expensive engagement ring why don't we get engagement motorcycles? Now remember, this is my third marriage and I already have many rings and jewelry, so you young guys don't try this with your fiance! Well we did get two bikes he got a CB 500X and I got a CRF 250L. We had a lot of fun with these bikes for 2 years but after year one we decided that our next bikes should be more comfortable for longer rides which we wanted to take. That's when the FJ 09 first came out and I fell in love. The time wasn't quite right to upgrade both right then but this year it was. So yesterday we picked up my new 2015 red FJ 09! Rode it home from the dealer and another 30 miles before I couldn't feel my hands anymore, it was 37 degrees here in the mid-west and it snowed last night as well. Oh and earlier in the week my husband picked up his new 2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XRT, so we will have a blast comparing the two but first impressions even though they both look like adventure bikes they really are very different. My first impression is the Tiger is like a Cadillac and the FJ 09 is like a Ferrari! Two very different animals.
Sorry for such a long introduction but I am a writer (I have a book published on Kindle) and that's what we do! I'm also a retired maintenance coordinator supervisor so I'm really enjoying the how to forums and hope I'll have things to add in the near future. I will be posting some photos as soon as I figure out which photo service to use.
Remember to ride like you are invisible (yes, I helped teach the motorcycle safety course back in my home town) because there are a lot of idiot drivers out there.
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