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New member from Texas


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Halito to all.
Just hanging out waiting for the new FJ-09 to be officially revealed.
I have a FZ6R I have converted into a Sport Touring ride (seat, handle bars, add-on bags and trunk) and love the crap out of it, I don't want a liter bike so the 09 fits the bill, can't wait to see the FJ-09.
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Hi FJ rider! Thanks for joining us. All of us are waiting patiently for this bike to come out. I have an FZ-09 and am torn because I think the FJ will be more practical than the FZ and be able to handle distance riding better. I love the hooligan side of the FZ, but the FJ may just be more of a "Do it all" bike that I can tour on more comfortably.
Please keep coming back and spread the word about our forum!
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