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Hi temp Light


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Hello everyone,
While riding my eye caught the Hi temp light flashing on the right screen of the tacho... i pulled over and switch off the engine. radiator fluid on the right side of the engine. the problem was a hole on the radiator from a little rock i suppose... after a few seconds i turned the key on the first position, the fan turned on, and the temperature fall in a few sec from hi to normal.....After a few hours i got it home on a trailer i turn the engine on for 20 sec and everything sound good. i ordered a new radiator. My question is:
How i will be sure that i don t have an engine damage or power loss?
thank you
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Tracer09 - there's no way to know unless you tear into the engine or experience a drop in performance.
Based on what you describe, I wouldn't worry about it. You caught it right away.
Keep an eye on your oil and coolant levels and quality. If you warped the head, the coolant will find its way into the crankcase eventually.
But like I said, I wouldn't worry about it you pulled over asap and took care of it.
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I agree.
If the engine didn't seize its unlikely you've done any damage.
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