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Considering Trading to an FJ-09

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Hello all, I am currently riding a 2013 Honda CB1000RA, this is my second bike and 4th season on the road. So far I have had nothing but disappointment with my CB, but no one is here to listen to me bitch about a honda :P Anyhow I'm thinking the best thing i can do is move to a bike that will suit my needs better. I enjoy something with some hustle but really I like long rides in some level (the more the better) of comfort without having to sacrifice the ability to have fun in the twistys. So I came on here to hear first hand what you all think of the FJ-09, things you love, things you hate and if you found mods that fill any specific gaps the bike may have.
Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about this bike. 
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I can only ride bullet bikes for about 20 min, then I'm done. My back and 49 year old body says no way, and I grew up on dirt bikes, so the ergo's of a dirt bike are my favorite comfortable riding position.
The FZ09, and FJ09 are both pretty upright bikes. I've also owned a 2006 FZ1, and it was nice too, but I had to add ProTaper bars to raise up the bars to my style of riding, and when I was done, the FZ was like a big Super Moto with a I4 engine and 150 hp. :)
Replacing the 2006FZ1 was what I was looking for when I bought the FZ and then the FJ. (lost it in divorce.)
Upright and comfortable, and yet you can have fun like it's a bullet bike. I had some KTM enduro's and was running street DOT tires on them, including some "touring" tires so they handled pretty nice too, and while you are up higher than a sport bike, they surprised many a crotch rocket rider in the curves, just like SuperMotos often do.
I don't slide around anymore, and I don't even trail ride much anymore, so a dedicated street bike with Dirt Bike ergonomics of the ADV type bike is really nice and comfortable.
A taller, wider windscreen is good if you ride long straight runs. In the summer, cut down the stocker, and it's better with more direct wind than the turbulent buffet fest that the stock one creates.
The Tripple engine is a joy to behold. It has WAY more tourq than the FZ at lower RPM, and let's face it, around town you are riding 2 to 5k, not much above that most of the time, and on top it's still has plenty of power to redline. This bike will loft the front wheel easy.
And the FZ09 was a true hooligan bike. I was pulling wheelies much too easy, far too often. But as soon as they came out with the FJ, I knew I really screwed up and bought the wrong version of the same bike. Lucky for me, the FZ's cam chain tensioner failed, and I had the opportunity to "trade up" to the FJ09. ;)
The stock suspension is better on the FJ over the FZ too. (Way too soft on the FZ.)
But most folks upgrade the rear shock, and forks eventually on this bike anway.
Good luck, and welcome to the madness if you buy one. I highly recommend the FJ09.
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Hi and welcome
I too had a cb1000r new when they came out lovely bike but soon got board of it no character so changed for a 2010 z1000 what a bike fantastic but after 2 years realised what was missing was a fairing so changed for a Z1000sx probably the best bike ever! did everything no issues did 40000 miles way better that the Cb1000r then one day out for a ride meeting a few mates one had a new tracer (called that in UK) and had a go it's got so much character that I went the next day and changed but please realise that it's a bike and all bikes have their issues I miss the surge of power that the Z1000sx had but don't miss the mass the heavy steering awkward riding position and the wayward steering at low speed poor mirrors etc but the mt09 tracer makes up for the grunt of the Z1000sx by using a lower gear, playing around the twist and turns here in mid and south Wales 4th gear is smack on 2000 up 10000 Revs gives me goose pimples now even thinking about it
If you want a staed uninspiring ride then look else whare if you like me want the bike that can be calm one moment the have all you senses tingling then the 3 cylinder ultra noisy tingling I'm alive bike when asked for then please check out the tracer
Main issues for me poor screen, noisy wind blast easily rectified, surging at low speed again rectified, seat is hard but when I go out to play I take no notice as it don't stop me moving around on her and she is a bitch to clean all nooks and crannies but I love her looks
It works for me but you must test ride before you buy
Hope this helps
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I looked at allot of bikes and kept coming back to the FJ09. I wanted a weekend touring bike and it fit the bill. The price point was great and I added about three grand in accessories. If I was to say what was the best upgrade for me happened to be the cheapest. The mirror extenders that Adventure sells on this forum for thirty bucks. Now just looking at this forum there are allot more upgrades that people have done (flashing, suspension,etc.) than I. So look around at this forum. I hope your wallet can handle it...;-) the best advice I can give is be honest with yourself as to what you plan to do with your bike. For me that was the only way to narrow down my search. Enjoy...
A Motorcyclist's Church is the open road....
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I've had the FJ 09 for 14 months and am extremely pleased with it.  I previously had a Kawasaki Concours, but found it to be too heavy for the type of riding I did.  The FJ is very nimble, stable and has power to spare. I have never regreted the purchase.  The most important mods for me were the Corbin seat and Madstad windscreen.  You will find that the most common complaints are the OEM seat and windscreen.  There are many options in these areas and personal taste will dictate your choice.  This website has many threads covering the seat and screen.  I also had the ECU flashed to smooth out the throttle response and added the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust. I added the Yamaha side and top cases and they are capable enough for moderate touring.  Finally, I installed the McCruise cruise control (from Australia).
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I also came off a Kaw Concours that was getting too big and bulky for me, but was still a whole lot of fun up to 120 mph after I had it flashed.
But, if you want a mid sized bike that is really torquey quick, nimble, inviting and just plain fun; give the FJ 09 a good look and a test if you can. It's a great base for personalization and has a starting price that makes it possible to add and change things to make it just what you want. I mean, there's even a cruise control being offered here now. I got a 2015 for 1,500 off, and I've spent that and more on things like hard bags (Shad), windshield (Cal Sci), engine protection and a bunch of other neat stuff so far.
It's better than I expected, to be honest.
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