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Howdy from Sioux Falls SD

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Hey everyone, Bob here from Sioux Falls SD
I'm 55 yrs old, recently retired and a life long rider. I've had numerous bikes over the years from a Honda minibike to a Yamaha Venture that my wife and I took all over the U.S.
Since she doesn't have the desire to ride anymore & the fact I've always wanted a sport touring bike, the FJ-09 has really caught my eye.
I've read this forum from top to bottom and have really learned a lot about the pros/cons from you guys. I'll be taking a new 2015 model out for a spin in the next few weeks. The dealer has a grey and a red one. Looks like Yamaha has a few deals happening like 3.99% APR and $300 customer cash.
I showed my wife the bike and she said it screams "mid-life crisis"  :)  I took it as a compliment and showed her the "How old are you" thread on the forum and said see, I'm not the only one!
I'll keep you all informed on my test ride ect.
Happy Easter......He is Risen
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