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Mark June 5th down on your calenders!


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A little birdie has told me that June 5th could be a big day for us Yamaha fans!
My predictions.
1. FZ-07 coming to the USA.
2. New options for the FZ-09
3. FJ-09? Totally guessing on this one, but if true it will probably hit Europe first.
Anyways, this should be a very big day for Yamaha and their dealers are screaming for more new and affordable models. Dual Sport sales are way up so I see the FJ-09 as a real possibility.
Stay tuned and be here on June 5th. We will have all the news as it drops!
Read more: http://fz07.org/thread/11/june-5th-big-yamaha-fans#ixzz32bpDHp9K
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