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New member from Taunton MA

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Just got a 2016 FJ 09 yesterday and put 50 miles on it today.
I think its a great bike and looking forward past the brake in period which sucks!
Looking to buy some protection for my new baby (crash bars, frame sliders, etc...). Any suggestions ?
See you around!
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welcome from the other coast! There are a lot of great options for protection. SO far the best we have found (I own one but paid for it) is the Higdonion crash bars/bash plate. I love mine and Kris is great to work with. I had a rush order for a long trip and he worked with me to make sure i had what I needed.
I also have the Evotech rad guard. DO THIS FIRST. I have a few dings in my radiator because I waited. I'm not saying which to get, just get one.
Frame sliders are nice but the cage covers that.
Tons of good info on our little site here. Welcome to the club!
2015 Red FJ 09
2013 WR250R - little boy blue - sold
2012 DL650 V Strom - sold
2007 FZ6 - sold
1986 FJ600 - sold
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