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Thinking of getting some risers.


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I am thinking of getting a set of the 2" Rox risers and from what I have heard, the clutch cable gets pretty tight.  Where can I get a longer clutch cable that is made for the FJ-09?
I ordered one from motion pro,3" longer than stock. It took about 10 days to get to me because they have to make it. It was $50 + shipping charges. Worked perfect with the rox risers. Make sure you check the rox website for the correct PN. They recently updated which ones fit correctly so other suppliers might not have the updated info. If you don't then you will have to grind off the nubs on the little metal spacers. No big deal just an added step that isn't needed. The throttle cable is still pretty tight but it works. I rerouted it slightly up near the handlebars and got about a 1/2" more. You will have to loosen up the electrical by cutting the zip ties.
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