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FJ09 Not starting after ECU reflash

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EDIT: Turns out I'm special and forgot to plug the harness back into the gas tank before putting everything back together. Took it off to move the gas tank around a bit more when I was cleaning off that stubborn adhesive from the foam around the air box.
Hi everyone,
Thanks in advance for your help.
I just received my reflashed ECU and was super excited to ride, but low and behold after getting everything back together and trying to start the bike, it will not start. It turns over like it wants to start, but sounds like it might not getting any or enough gas possibly?
Does anyone have any help for me?
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That main harness plug can be a bitch to seat properly in the position its in, try pulling the main harness plug again and reseat it. Also check make sure all your pins in the plug are also all the way seated.
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