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Engine temperature readings

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Hello Everyone,
I just got my FJ-09 last month and have about 700 miles on it. I just got my first 600 miles servicing done last week. I have a question regarding the engine temperature.
I notice that the engine temp keeps rising by at 2F every 6-7 secs when the bike is idling e.g. at traffic lights. If I am riding within the city in traffic, the radiator fan kicks in really soon, in about 15-20 mins as the engine temp reaches 220F. To add to this I live in Arizona, so it is not going to get any better as the "beautiful" summer is around the corner!
Are these temperature readings normal? How often should the radiator fan kick in while riding in traffic.
Thanks in advance.
Ride hard, Ride safe!
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I live in TX, and now that 90 F+ has finally arrived I am getting the same response from my bike. The forum comes through again, thanks for the info.

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Same exact here, anytime I sit in traffic for more than 5 minutes this usually happens, I even had it happen on a day it was in the 50's due to stop and go traffic, I want to say the fan kicks in around 210 F but someone might have to quote me on that?!
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