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Looking to get the best prices on FJ-09 accessories?
Receive up to 15% off your purchase, with free shipping, just for reviewing our products! Send us a PM or e-mail Albert@motomachines.com for more information!
Reviews are open for any item listed in our FJ-09 section, as well as ANY luggage options we have available!
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I don't need any accessories right now, but I'd like to post a positive comment about Moto Machines in general. I had a defective part that I ordered through Moto Machines. It was not their fault, this sort of thing happens sometimes. Moto Machines corrected the problem completely with no hassle and no cost to me.
Every vendor is going to make a mistake or sell a bad part once in a while. The test of a true quality company is how they take care of issues that come up. Great job Moto Machines!
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