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Integrated Front Turn Signals?

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Thought I saw something on the forum about integrated front turn signals into the hand guards.....is that an accessory or something someone has done?  Can't find it now...thanks
Found here: Hand Guard LED Kit
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They'd certainly work.
As for legality, it depends where you are.
Here (Aus) as far as I know, we follow the 1949 Geneva convention, not the 1977 Vienna convention, and you can't use amber except for indicators, you can't have red indicators like some american cars, you can't have flashing or modulated brake lights etc etc.
To be legal here they would need an "E-mark" to show they are approved under UNECE, or be approved under ADR 19.
Some manufacturers like Barkbusters sell legal ones. I think flash rate, position and intensity are important.
Whether all that matters is another question...
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