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High Idle in the morning

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Hi Everyone,
Have been riding my FJ-09 for little over a month now. I notice that after my first service at the dealer the engine idles much higher(~2500 rpm) in the morning when the bike is cold. 5 mins into the ride the idle goes back to its normal ~1000 rpm. The bike didn't do this earlier. Do the dealers change the firmware on the ECU during the service?
Thanks in advance,
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They could update the firmware if Yamaha has released a patch
There's another thread about idle speed and it seems the Yamaha Protool (presumably a posh name for a laptop with a special cable) used by dealer workshops can alter the idle speed. Apparently, there is no knob for the rider to twiddle
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No reflash file from Yamaha that I am aware. Just the FZ 09.
The other thing that might change your cold idle speed would be if they tweaked your TPS/APS settings if they found them to be out if adjustment.
Or your throttle body sync was out of adjustment enough that winding the air screws out when adjusting the sync is letting in just a little more air that is raising your idle a tad ....
Or they didn't quite get something back together properly and you now have an air leak from improper assy or a torn rubber sync cap.
Or the garage (or wherever you store your bike) was just a wee bit colder this morning and the bike had an increased idle speed due to the air temp sensor reading.
Or it's all in your head - and nothing to worry about.
That's all I can think of....
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