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Givi Outback Trekker side cases + FJ-09 Rear Rack. Yup.


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I really like the look of the 37Ltr OUTBACK PAIR BLACK
From what I can see, the cases need the PL2122CAM OUTBACK SIDEFRAMES
and I have the FJ-09 Rear Rack
Now, I don't plan on using any hard top cases, as I have a soft case that fits perfectly on the rear rack and is a good size for commuting.  The rear rack has 40 mm spacers with the bracket being 2-3mm.
From what I can see, the GIVI sideframes top bolts require the removal of the factory mount and have multiple of spacers.  The only instructions I can find are for the MT-09, which, from what I see, doesn't tell me the thickness of the spacers.
So if these are the same instructions, and mentally overlapping these two products, the givi would sit closer and using a few home made spacers/washers, I should be able to fit the yamaha rear rack over/outside the give mount.
Has anyone done this before?  Thoughts?
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I believe you are the second one to try here is the first that I know of....  

The quick release racks are different than the explorer outback racks.  PLXR2122 (quick release) vs PL2122CAM (outback).  At least from the instruction sets I can find, the mounting looks very similar but with different sized spacers.  I decided to go ahead an order the racks PL2122CAM's from Amazon today.  Shipping say they will be here in 7-10 days. 
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Let us know how it works out.....

"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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Ok. Got the GIVI racks today and can say without a doubt, you cannot use the GIVI PL2122CAMS with the OEM FJ-09 Rear Rack... if you are the type of person to accept things "out of the box".
More to come...
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And now for the review/write-up.  So the first thing I did, was to put the racks on "as-is" to check how they fit with no modifications at all.  I knew it would be off slightly, so I reviewed the instructions carefully (they are in Italian), then went to work.  
I noticed from the instructions that these racks with with the GIVI top rack and while comparring the two (the GIVI and the OEM), I found why the OEM does not fit out of the box.  On the OEM rack, the tube is under the mount points, while on the Givi it is above the mount points.  This means the GIVI mounting bar which connects to the frame, hits the tube.
I then took off all the bolts and washers on one side and checked to see where everything sat naturally.  Now this isn't the exact space I'll need, as the other side was still connected with the unusable offset (see first picture) and stock washers.
Without OEM stock spacers.
With OEM stock spacers.
Without OEM stock spacers.
At this point I had a general idea where two racks would rub or pivot.  ...and I got rid of it with my 4.5" grinder.  :)
Now this "modification" *ahem* was on the inside of the bracket and you can't see it when put together, but I didn't want it to rust.  So, sand with the dremel, until all the burs were gone, then prime, paint and seal with clear acrylic
Not auto detailing work, but good enough for my needs.
Then came the time consuming work.  I had to go through a series of spacers to test fits.  I had to change out the spaces on both sides of the bike, as well as between OEM rack & bike, and between GIVI rack and OEM rack.  What I found to work was to shorter spacers between OEM/bike, so that the spacer stack was about .1-.2mm shorter.  What worked excellent for this was the thick washers that came with the GIVI.  I used two of them front, two of the rear.  Between the OEM and GIVI I used some chrome spacers I had (5/16x1/4in).
The combination of these two sets of spacers gave me:
I tightened down the mounts/brackets, then tightened down the luggage racks and checked how level they were.  Not bad IMO.
Although the fit was a little snug it worked.  However, the rear bar, which connects the two luggage racks requires the removal of the reflectors.
Drilled two new holes just high enough to clear the bar, yet could still cover the original reflector mount points, and then remounted the reflectors higher up.
Now that the racks are on, it's time to shop for the luggage.  I'm thinking the black ones.  :D
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Excellent write up... Great job joeszup

"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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  • 2 years later...

2 yrs behind the time, but late then never...

The issues that you had that required the grinding, is that due to your rear rack? 

I am looking to upgrade my luggage and I have been looking at SWMotech Adv line, but they are pricey! That, and I have a fender eliminator, and it's looks as if the Givi rear support bar does not attach to the plate, using only one piece. Where as the SWM needs the rear plate,  or suitable bracket to connect the left and right side.

Am I correct on this?

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