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Fixing the FJ-09 Achilles Heel - Oil Drain Plug

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11 minutes ago, nhchris said:

That sealing washer looks a bit trick. Where do you get another one at next oil replacement? Ebay?


I picked up a bunch at a local autoparts but they're pretty common and cheap. Amazon, Ebay.....yep. Just google "Dowty Washer".

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Had the low profile Mazda plug on my 2015, it had an 8 or 8.5mm socket. Soft metal.

Replaced it with one of these, "814-M14BLK", several brands available. I prefer the 6mm socket.

Used a Yamaha crush washer, cheaper and better quality than the auto parts store version.

M14x1.5 thread.




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Hey, link is still good;




Magnetic too! Just gives you a state of engine condition. Don't think it's going to stop anything. Just seeing the little bit of black powder material each time and not slivers makes ya feel good. Everything's OK. 

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