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Finger Lakes New York


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    Hi All! So here we  are on a forum for a bike that hasn't been released to a country that might not get it if it is released!      Sign me up!   This inter web thingie is intriguing to a 59 year old dude whose first full time job was 2nd shift chasing parts at the South Cortland Smith Corona electric typewriter plant. ( Don't worry, those word processors will never catch on. Computers? Ha. Why don't you share whatever your on with the rest of us. ) :o       Fads come and go.    Motorcycles  last forever.  If I get one of these puppies it will be my second triple . First was a H2 Kawasaki 2 smoke. Took my first driver license test  on it.     Failed.   State Tester whined because I was slipping the clutch doing the figure 8s . "I Had to, number 2 plug is fouled"(again)      I digest. (digress?)      OK, so who else has called and pestered their favorite Yamaha dealer? I picked up my first Yamaha from Cycle enterprises last spring. A wr250r.  Enjoyed dealing with'em.          Called 'em back two weeks ago and told them to hold the first red FJ  for me. They hadn't heard any news about it and said that the folks leaking this information were doing a disservice .          We'll see       ENJOY THE RIDE      
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Welcome!  It gets better...maybe.  It was always fun to pull into a honda dealership and have them ask what my ST1300 was.  I suspect the Tracer will be more of the same.   

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