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Looks like the MT-09 is reliable

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I've just finished reading this months Motorrad (Europe's biggest bike magazine, so they claim) which contains a 2 year, 50 000km, long-term test of an MT-09.  The magazine regularly performs such long-term tests whereby a bike is run on their fleet and then at the end of 2 years and 50 000km is fully stripped down, engine and all and everything is measured for wear.
It would appear that the engine in our bikes is a well made piece of kit.  Everything was within assembly tolerances!  That means that the engine and its components were effectively in new condition.  The CCT had been changed once at 30 000km.
The results place the bike at no. 7 in a list of 40 bikes tested.  Not bad for a bike built on a budget.  The bottom of the list is populated with considerably more expensive and supposedly high quality BMWs and KTMs, amongst others.
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I to think the engine is bullet prof, how ever I think I have a Friday bike as today it's been confirmed that both my front brake rotas are warped I have had the bike since new may 2015 have 8500 miles on it done three European tours, it's been faultless to ride etc but have had the plastic panels renewed due to cracking at the mounting point under the seat , in March this year had the instrument panel changed due to condensation, when new the throttle action at low speed was diabolicaly bad and was sorted with Kevs mod would I change the bike No Way love it to bits even with its faults, I have had around 20 bikes over the last 20 yrs and all have had their issues but this mt09 tracer is some thigh I have been looking for all the time grin even time I ride it so I am not surprised that it's come out good for reliability engine wise it's a keeper
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