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I have installed the Yamaha lowering links. This lowers bike about 5/8". The stock stand was now too long. I installed Soupy's aluminium adjustable stand. At it longest setting it was short but usable. Their big foot option fit with modification. Even with loctite the screws tend too back out. Then it started to bend. I odered the T-Rex steel adjustable stand and installed it tonight. At its longest position it is about 1/2" shorter than stock, which is about right. It is adjustable in about 1/2" increments. I seems to be a good piece of hardware. I added a second bolt incase the retaining screw sheers.

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Once you have the settled on a length add some thread locker to the screw. I had the stand on for 5 days and the screw started to back out and the stand became very loose even with the included lock washer. 
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