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AdMore Lighting's SM Light Bar

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Years ago I purchased a new LED lighting accessory called "Light Bar" for my VStrom 1000 from a fairly new Canadian company called AdMore Lighting. The Light Bar provided additional tail, brake, and turn signal lights using LEDs mounted in a case. The Light Bar worked great for over 80K miles, and was still working when I sold the VStrom. This past March I was at the Twisted Throttle booth at Daytona Bike Week, and I ran into David, who's been with AdMore since I bought the first Light Bar. He showed me their new Light Bar, which I've just installed on my FJ-09.
Although the basic functionality is the same (tail, brake, license plate, and turn signal lights), this new Light Bar is much more sophisticated than the original. It's far more compact, the base and bracket are now aluminum instead of plastic and steel, and the LEDs are smaller, but unbelievably bright. The Light Bar is "smart" now; it has a processor chip and firmware controlling the LEDs. This allows the user to connect to it with a USB cable and laptop to program the LED functions. It also has an accelerometer, which you can program to activate the brake light function when the bike slows without actually engaging the brakes (like cutting the throttle at speed). There's too many features and functions to list here; check out the details at http://www.admorelighting.com/AdMore-Light-Bar-Premium.
Installing the Light Bar on the FJ-09 was super easy. First I located the tail, brake, license, and turn signal wires by disconnecting three wiring loops under the seat while the lights were on. You'll see the tail, brake, and license plate lights are on one loop, and the two turn signals each have their own loop. Once I had the wires identified, I removed the turn signal and license plate assembly. The Light Bar installed perfectly on the license plate mount using the included bracket. Then I routed the Bar's wires through the same cable tray in the assembly that the factory wires use. Next I fed the wires up under the seat and reinstalled the license plate assembly. In hindsight, removing the license/turn signal assembly wasn't really necessary; although I think it made the installation easier.
Once the Light Bar wires were routed under the seat, I used the included Posi-Tap connectors to complete the installation. There's no need to cut or splice any wires. Just peel back the wire sheathing enough to install the Posi-Taps on the individual wires. Once the Taps are on each bike wire, follow the provided color-code wire chart to make the correct connections. Tuck the wire loops and Posi-Taps away and you're done.
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