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New UK option for exhaust (Pipewerx)


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So the awesome guys at Pipewerx just had my bike for a couple of days to get a new exhaust on.  They chopped off the backbox after the sensor, made a new link pipe and fitted the can.  It came to £300 to do all the work and supply the exhaust, but they will do the service by courier if you post the exhaust to them (obviously costs more) But its SOOO much cheaper than a full system and sounds unbelievable.  Clears the centre stand and swingarm and seems a pretty good fit (with an oval can, not sure about tri-oval etc)
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Looks nice.
How loud is it? Looks like there is some sort of dB reducer in the muffler can?
I have a FZ09 GPR full system, but have not tried to put it on the FJ09 yet. (Not sure it will clear the center stand, and I like the center stand.)
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