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Lolo Pass, Montana, May 9, 2016

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Motorcycle trip down to Meridian, Idaho and back to Lacombe, Alberta, May 3-10, 2016.
Lolo Pass, Montana, May 9, 2016. It was raining and snowing. Hard to keep my visor clear. Road was wet with temperatures of about 2-3 C.   When I left Meridian, ID in the morning it was around 7-9 C.
Video shot with Sena 10C. Need to fiddle with the angle of the camera.
I was using a Twisty Ride case with my iPhone 5 and plugged into the power outlet with a USB cigarette lighter adapter.  I thought perhaps the rain/snow might be an issue, but the adapter seemed to stay relatively dry, although it might be a different story if riding in stop and go traffic and in a torrential down pour.  
Rode from Meridian, Idaho to Kalispell, Montana via Donnelly, ID, McCall, ID, and New Meadows on Highway 55, and then from New Meadows to Grangeville, ID on Highway 95, and from Grangeville, ID to Kooskia, ID on Highway 13.  From Kooskia, ID, I took Highway 12 to Lolo, MT, and then Highway 93 into Missoula, MT before heading north to Kalispell, MT. 
Nice scenic route.  
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