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Hello from NJ


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Hello All, Just picked up my leftover 2015 FJ-09 this past Saturday. Will be getting rid of my TDI VW with the whole scandal thing and using the FJ to Commute 20 miles one way. Also bought a Grom for my wife and daughter, it fit inside my van...
I'm mostly a lurker and here to enjoy reading the forums. Just ordered the following and enjoying the vids that members are posting, so i know what i'm doing or pretend to.
ASV C5 Sport Brake/Clutch Lever - Thoughts on this?
Rear luggage rack
SW-MOTECH Mirror Wideners - Getting tired of looking at my shoulders  :D
thanks all, looking forward to the community.
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Welcome! You're gonna love that FJ. I just moved into the 21st Century myself. From a 1979 XS650 to a 2016 FJ.
I went back to the dealer with a trailer this morning to pick up the 650 (I left it there when I rode the new one home) and told the feller "Jeeze, this thing feels like a moped after riding the FJ all weekend!"
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I put 100 miles on it from Saturday to yesterday. was fun. No Highways. Just trying to get used to it. It was raining this morning I decided to bring my other bike to work. My Mountain Bike!!  :)
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