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Motodynamic sent me a present!

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So Im not one to leave well enough alone, and I wanted a better tail light for the FJ. Especially one that potentially could loose those damn ugly stock blinkers. 
I contacted Motodynamic about the FZ tail light they had, and while it was out of stock I wanted to know if it potentially would fit on the FJ since they shared so many parts already. 
I was told that the part numbers for the tail lights were different, so more than likely so were the lights. But I was given some suggestions about what to do if I were to buy one to try and see, since I would have been the first to do so. 
A few days later, I got another message saying they had run across a prototype FZ tail light that wasnt being used, and would I want to test it out on the FJ!
Todays mail brought it, and lets just say if this thing works, theyll need to make a few more for you guys because this looks great. As soon as I can get it on the bike, Ill post some pics. 
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you should get an updated flasher relay so that the blink rate goes back to stock. The sequential blink on that tail light is sweet lookin but very hard to tell that it is blinking right or left blinking that fast.
That is it with the included relay they sent. Since mine is a prototype, there are a few issues I brought up to them which they say are addressed in the production version; such as the brightness between running and brake light and possibly the size if the relay "package". With this setup, I'm blinking at the normal rate, more or less. I did notice one side blink slightly faster but not much.  
Overall I'm very impressed and can't wait to get my production one!
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